There was a time in my life that I thought I would not make it. I wanted to die because of the state of living in constant fear. The symptoms were unbearable.

Uncontrollable and intrusive thoughts, trembling, aching chest pain, trouble concentrating, and a feeling of uneasiness when in public.

My mind felt blank, headaches, and shortness of breathing, insomnia; just to name a few. I experienced terror so severe that I felt I was going to die or lose it. However, thank God, His promises are unfailing.

Here are the 3 things I learned:

1. I did not have a covenant mindset. I was not fully aware that once I was born again I was in covenant with God. It did not dawn on me that God’s promises protect me once I keep His law and am faithful to Him.

I did not realize that once I came into covenant with God through Jesus, I am no longer subject to torment and the bondage of fear. Jesus paid the price for me to be free from fear.

2. I was not reading & meditating on the Word of God enough. I was not keeping the Word before my eyes and listening to it regularly. I needed to saturate myself with God’s Word and promises to fill my heart with faith and eradicate the fear.

3. I had to combat negative thoughts and feelings with the Word of God. I had to open my mouth and declare what is written in His Word. I had to continually put the Word in my mouth and make it a habit of confessing it.

I kept focused on what the Word said. I had to speak it out loud and confess the scriptures repeatedly. By doing this it was going into my heart and making me stronger. The Word was imparting faith and driving out fear.

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