Promise is capable of transforming your walk with The Lord.

Are you feeling distant from God? The stories in Promise inspired me and brought me closer to the Lord immediately.

Being near God—the well-spring of life—has refreshed my joy and peace. You should read Promise, too!

Justine Kilpatrick, Reader

“Create lasting change!”

Promise has created lasting improvement to my spiritual health. We live in such a hectic world, we all need to read Promise ASAP. The fact that 130 women from 4 countries wrote Promise makes it a must-read!

Serena Bradson, Reader

“Consider fear conquered.”

Lately, the world has been on fire—it’s made me so paranoid. But we know the spirit of fear is not from the Lord. After reading Promise, and refocusing on God, my peace has been restored.

Mary Maxey, Reader